I knew it!

Turns out my instincts were totally right. I love it when that happens!

I went to a workshop tonight at the 5th Ave Theatre on “effective auditioning for professional musical theatre”. I expected to feel completely out of my league, but instead, I ended the night feeling like my theories and philosophy of auditioning were pretty much on target. It was so refreshing to hear  the artistic director of the 5th say that what he really wants to see is someone shine and be themselves, to give their very best, and to make the auditioners feel something. WOW! In a world where everyone is trying to “be somebody” and to make an impression, it feels like being yourself is never good enough… but that’s exactly what they want!

After tonight, I feel tenfold confidence to go to an audition, and not worry about the outcome. It’s just another opportunity to shine and to perform, which is what I’m out to do anyway!

So, I signed up for a slot in the 5th Ave General auditions. Even if nothing comes of it (and actually, I hope it doesn’t… that would complicate things a little too much), every audition is a chance to practice and to hone my skills.

Now, what to sing…


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