all I wanna do is… cry.

Sometimes, the radio dj makes a poor choice of music for my personal moment. As I was driving home tonight from a fabulous opening night of Beauty and the Beast which I helped direct, it finally hit me that we are actually leaving this city– this country, in fact– in less than four months. Sadness I haven’t experienced yet surrounding this change struck me with a wave of tears, accompanied by Sheryl Crow singing “All I Wanna Do is Have Some Fun”. I guess the DJ gets points for irony.

This week has been full of proud momma moments for me. The preschoolers I teach sang beautifully at their spring concert on Tuesday night. They were so fun to watch; it is such a wonderful feeling knowing that I have brought music into their lives and that, hopefully, what I have shared will take root and blossom as they grow themselves.

These childrens’  hugs and “thank you”s and cards at the end of the concert weighed heavily on me just as they warmed my heart. The relationships I have worked so hard to build, the hundred(s) names I have learned, will soon become just a memory. Knowing that I would have to say goodbye at some point doesn’t make it any easier when it’s my own choice that takes me away.

Worse, though, is the thought of leaving my high school students behind. I am so proud and full of love for each of them. I wish I could be around to see them bloom, to help them through their college decisions, and to keep pushing them to excellence. They have become my friends; I’ll just plain miss them.

Yes, Sheryl, all I wanna do is have fun too. But I wanna have fun with the kids I know and love. I’m not ready for new ones yet. Sorry.


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  1. Kristin B
    May 07, 2010 @ 15:51:34

    Katie I am so proud of you!! I love hearing all your tidbits on Facebook about your work with all of these kids. Its so very clear you’ve made an impact, and that they love you in return!

    I will continue to pray for you as you transition into so many changes. I, of course, can relate! Haven’t yet had my break down and cry moment, but I’m waiting for it to hit. Maybe we should schedule some tea and Skype sessions from our new homes, share the difficulty and adventure that comes from moving to a new city!!



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