champagne, arias, and iTunes

This was a lovely evening. My last voice studio recital was tonight, and my kids, as slammed as they are at the end of the school year, sang absolutely wonderfully. They have made so much improvement, and I feel so affirmed as a teacher! I only have one more lesson with some of them. My heart breaks to leave them, but I know I will hear about their lives from afar. Who knows… maybe one day, I’ll be competing with them.

The other success of the evening was I debuted “Ach, ich fuhl’s”, an opera aria I’ve been working on for a while. It went quite well, and although I know I still have a lot of work to do on it, it felt good to get a trial run out of the way. There were even a few moments that I felt the piece take over and my voice do things I didn’t tell it to (good things), which is always a bit exciting.

Nate and I came home to pack for our trip to California and our neighbor was throwing some sort of party. On a Thursday evening. A loud one. I have to admit, I was a little peeved a) because they were being loud and I wanted to go to sleep and b) because I wasn’t invited. But as I’m stuffing my airline-approved-sized toiletries into my airline-sized clear ziploc bag, Nate says, “Listen, honey, someone is singing!” Oh great. Bad karaoke is all I need right now, I think. Then Nate continues “I think they’re singing opera!” I go to the window, and sure enough, some mezzo-soprano is belting an aria next door, and quite well. Being the sneak and the extrovert I am, I slip on some shoes and mosey into the courtyard. I hear her finish and everyone clap, so I knock on the door (why not?!). She yells “entree vous!” so I entree… and introduce myself… and before I know it I’m drinking a glass of champagne (it’s Champagne Thursday, of course) and introducing myself to several local opera singers. My neighbor Vicki, who I’ve met once or twice, turns out to be a dramatic mezzo-soprano who sings in local houses, and now I have an open invitation to come over and practice on her baby grand and attend the frequent “diva nights” she and her friends hold.

Moral of the story: when the diva sings, knock on the door, and you may just be handed a glass of champagne.

Side note: This photo also contains proof of my newly-spent iTunes giftcard. I am now the proud owner of The Weepies and Fleet Foxes most recent albums… if only to prove that an opera singer can have varied tastes in music.


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  1. Patti
    May 28, 2010 @ 06:49:48

    Good grief! What next? :)? Who knew your apartment complex is a magnet for opera singers?


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