slowing down a bit

I'd love to be her, right now

Life has felt suddenly very slow in the past couple of weeks. Finally, the sun came out, and now I’ve got a terribly sore throat so I don’t even want to be out in it. I’ve found a whole new level of non-motivation. It helps, I suppose, to have had multiple days off work and an mild illness each for me and Nate. We’ve seen friends. We’ve watched movies. We even finished reading the Harry Potter series out loud (we started on our honeymoon, and I feel like I’ve lost a group of friends).

I would love for life to be this slow all the time, to be able to spend hours reading and playing and cooking. Even though I love what I do for a living, I wish there was a way I could do it about half as much as I need to to be financially stable. I’ve been feeling for a long time that I want to be a mom and a career-woman. But sometimes, like right now, I think that if all I had to do was raise kids and keep house, I would be the happiest woman in the world. And I might stand a chance of being able to read, or exercise, or be creative once in a while.

I’m gonna lighten things up and list off the things that are making me happy right now:

iced green tea with mint and honey from a mason jar

remembering the view from our BC coast campsite last week

strawberries ripening in my backyard

the 2 boys and adorable labradoodle I get to spend my summer with

planning our roadtrip to CO and WY in 2 weeks

What’s making you happy right now?


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