beyond blessings

I must be thick-skulled, because I am astounded and somehow surprised every time God provides for me in an amazing way. I should be expecting it; most of the time, I’ve even asked for it to happen. Still, down to the teeniest of answered prayers, I see a major miracle.

Lately, these miracles have come in the form of every detail of our move to Canada being taken care of before we even had a chance to worry about it. We were given the idea to move to a less expensive apartment after Nate got accepted to school; within a week we had found new tenants for ours and a great new (month-to-month) apartment to live in, saving us significant cashflow in the long run. The slightest whim brought about a full-time job for me doing what I love. The first apartment we look at in Vancouver turns out to be wonderful and about the best deal we could have found.

The wonderful thing about all this (as if being divinely taken care of wasn’t great enough) is that God doesn’t seem to be only interested in our survival. All of the ways he has provided for us have brought wonderful blessings along with them. From the garden awaiting my feeble beginner’s attempts at sowing and reaping, to the new families I will be singing and building relationships with, to the intentional community we will become a part of soon, God’s love and attention to detail is obvious. It is becoming more and more clear to me that God doesn’t just want us to get by. He truly wants the very best for us and is willing to go to great lengths to give it to us, if only we pay attention for his movement in our lives.

I want to become a person who so trusts God that I never worry for my own happiness, much less my well-being. Too often I try to make things wonderful on my own, building walls of comfort around me and making choices based on my desires, not necessarily where I feel is God leading me. The more I lean into the Lord and trust Him in all things, the richer and fuller my life will be, and the more I will be equipped to be a blessing to those around me. I need to be willing to accept the hard things, too, and I know they will come. But today I pray for the grace to thank God for all He has blessed us with thus far.

“Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.” -Pslam 37:4


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