Apparently, according to the calendar, it’s been a whole year (+ 2 days… so I’m a little late in documenting, but not in celebrating) since that splendid day I married my best friend. This year has been chock-full of new and precious little moments: learning how to sleep in the same bed without killing each other in our sleep, for one. Determining, by trial and error, how we each like our clothes folded. Attending weddings and being reminded of the vows we took so recently. Looking into his eyes and knowing, without question, that he’ll love me forever.

Alongside those moments have been the bigger ones, of course: the disagreements that have taught us how to really love each other. The joint decisions that will change the course of our shared life. Learning that I really do need to depend on God for the strength to love my husband the way he deserves to be loved. Slowly, but surely, adapting my independent life to fit another human being into every nook and cranny.

I am completely convinced that I have the best husband in the world. At least, he’s the best husband for me and I’m so, so, so lucky to have found him. Before we were married, I knew he was a pretty neat guy; after just a year of being yoked to him, I’ve come to find out he’s much more than the ordinary man. He’s selfless, intelligent, hilarious, hard-working, a neat freak but not a clean freak, and much more of a health nut than I ever knew, and though he wouldn’t admit it, a total romantic. And he complements my strengths and weaknesses in ways I couldn’t have ever predicted. Here’s to 60 more years of life together, sweetheart!


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