three thoughts…

…for today:

1.  I think I’m developing a full-fledged addiction to running. I have been accused in the past of having an “addictive” personality; I like to think of it more as being an all-or-nothing kind of person. But this feels like it might be one of the closest things I’ve found to a real habit. I’ve had two 3+ mile runs this week and planning for 5 tomorrow morning, and next week’s goal is to get in at least 4 runs.  My legs are starting to feel seriously muscular and I’m able to run longer and faster the more I do it (I know, duh). Also, I’m giving myself a week to choose a half-marathon and register for it- eek! When I do, start expecting more running posts. I’m reading lots of running blogs and getting quite inspired.

2. At the same time, I’ve had a bad week weight-wise. What I’m telling myself is that I’m gaining muscle mass from running so much, but I must say it’s disappointing to work so hard on my body and not have measurable results. Has this happened to any of you when you started running or working out consistently? It’s definitely frustrating.

3. The countdown is starting for real right about now. We’re inside a month from our move, our study/ work permits have been approved, and we’re starting to tie up the many loose ends we’ve accumulated over the years and years and years we’ve lived in the US. I’m stir crazy and I’m also getting cold feet in a lot of ways. I just need this huge change to happen now. I’m impatient, you know! Yet I know there are so many people and things I will miss fiercely a month from now, so the task at hand is to balance the preparation with holding on for the next four weeks.

On a lighter note, I’m obsessed lately with these little clips I found at Forever 21- $1.50 for a pair! So pretty!

Happy Friday! We’re going to watch the blue angels tomorrow… what are you doing?


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  1. angelalois
    Aug 08, 2010 @ 00:47:43

    hey lady! have you tried I really like that one too and they talk about running a lot. we shopped today and spent money. how were the Blue Angels in the rain?? PS see you tomorrow!!


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