bread heels & frugal living


Today, for breakfast, I finished off a loaf of bread. Only this time, I ate the heel.

I never do this: I’ve always preferred the soft inside pieces of bread and thrown away the heel or left it for someone else to eat. But today, the only thing we had for breakfast was bread, so instead of going out to buy more groceries (we’re out of grocery money for the month, and bread is EXPENSIVE here) I ate the heel.

Small things like this are the adjustments that we’re having to make living on one paycheck. Nate does this quite gracefully; I, on the other hand, am learning that I like a much higher standard of living than I like to admit. It’s difficult for me not to just go out and get what I want when I can justify the purchase. It’s difficult for me to try for a Christmas shopping budget of $100. It’s difficult for me to not buy new rain boots when I find a huge hole in my old ones.

I’m trying, though, to have grace for myself and to celebrate small victories, like eating toasted bread heel. Changing my whole perspective on money and lifestyle wasn’t going to happen overnight when we moved… it’s a process that I have to allow time for. I have to keep reminding myself that we’re just fine. We have a roof over our heads, three square meals a day and clothes to keep us warm. I have a loving family and wonderful friends and a marriage that blesses me each and every day. When it gets tempting to feel sorry for myself, I need to think about the millions of people in the world who live on less than I make in a day for the whole year, or the ones who live life utterly alone. We have been richly blessed.

And, you know, that toasty heel wasn’t too bad.

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